Project Description

United States Coast Guard Museum

Respect the past, engage the present and look to the FUTURE.

The National Coast Guard Museum is a long overdue idea. The Coast Guard is the only branch of the armed services that does not have a national museum to celebrate its role in the life of our nation and to honor the men and women who serve. Since its inception in 1790, the Coast Guard has established a proud and illustrious history which deserves recognition from the public.

The Coast Guard, under the aegis of The Department of Homeland Security, has three major roles: Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, and Maritime Stewardship. These vital responsibilities are carried out by 42,000 highly trained men and women who perform these missions with integrity, dedication and honor to duty and country. The public is generally unaware of the scale and scope of the Coast Guard’s operations. The Museum will send a clear message both through its exhibits and its iconic image: Respect the past, engage the present and look to the future.

Permanent and revolving multi-media exhibits will tell compelling stories of its past, present and future as they evoke the Coast Guard’s critical role and mission in maritime security, safety, protection of natural resources, and national defense. As a dynamic institution charged with these roles, the Museum will engage the public, veterans and present Coastguardsmen in the dreams and goals for the future. Interactive and innovative exhibits and displays will include realistic virtual environments in which the museum visitor participates in the action. The participatory nature of the activities and exhibits will encourage families and individuals to make multiple visits. The very nature of the Coast Guard’s missions lend themselves to spectacular exhibits in a dynamic architectural space: simulation of helicopter rescues in force 10 storms saving lives at sea; rescue boats tossing and swaying in tumultuous seas; a ship’s bridge on the “prow” of the building simulating a Captain’s role; the building and the sheer red atrium wall evoke the tall hull of a ship thrusting out to the water.

The adventure and the excitement of the museum experience will be both enlightening and inspirational to the public. The Museum will be a celebration of over two hundred years of service to the country, a salute to the courage and skill of the men and women of the Coast Guard, and a glimpse into an exciting and vital future.


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