New London CT is a great family vacation destination offering a lot of things to do such as, beaches, restaurants, shopping,  night life, historical museums and various attractions to stay busy in New London CT with your family and loved ones on your vacation or getaway.  There is plenty to do in this small shore city known as New London CT.



New London CT is a small city
that offers a unique range of cultural
historical, recreational and educational
amenities that make the city a great
place to live, work and visit.

New London CT is a seaport city and a port of entry on the northeast coast of the United States. It is located at the mouth of the Thames River in New London County, Southeastern Connecticut. For several decades beginning in the early 19th century, New London was one of the world’s three busiest whaling ports, along with Nantucket and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The wealth that whaling brought into the city furnished the capital to fund much of the city’s present architecture. New London subsequently became home to other shipping and manufacturing industries.New London CT is home to the United States Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut College, Mitchell College, and The Williams School.